author = "Luc {B}run and Domenger, Jean Philipe and Braquelaire, Jean Pierre", title = "Discrete maps : a framework for region segmentation algorithms", booktitle = "Workshop on Graph based representations", year = 1997, month = "April", theme = {nonhierarchique}, OPTorganization = "IAPR-TC15", address = "Lyon", url= {article (.ps.gz):=https://brunl01.users.greyc.fr/ARTICLES/GbR97.ps.gz}, note = "published in Advances in Computing (Springer)", abstract = "In this paper, we present different recent segmentation works based on discrete maps. Discrete maps provide an efficient framework for region based segmentation methods. A discrete is a mixed model. It combines an encoding of the discrete boundaries of the image regions with topological graphs which represents the topology of the image."