author = {L. {B}run and Walter {K}ropatsch}, title = {The Construction of Pyramids with Combinatorial Maps}, institution = {Institute of Computer Aided Design}, year = 2000, number = 63, url = {article:=ftp://www.prip.tuwien.ac.at/pub/publications/trs/tr63.ps.gz}, address = {Vienna University of Technology, lstr. 3/1832,A-1040 Vienna AUSTRIA}, month = {June}, url = {http://www.prip.tuwien.ac.at/}, abstract = " This paper presents a new formalism for irregular pyramids based on combinatorial maps. This technical report continues the work begun with the TR-54 and TR-57 reports (see ~cite{brun-99-1} and~cite{brun-99-3}).We provide in this technical report algorithms allowing efficient parallel or sequential implementation of combinatorial pyramids", theme={hierarchical}