author = "Braquelaire, Jean Pierre and Luc Brun and Anne Vialard", title = "Inter-Pixel Euclidean Paths for Image Analysis", volume = 1176, pages = "193-204", booktitle = "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", year = 1996, organization = "Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery", publisher = "Springer-Verlag", theme = {nonhierarchique}, url = {article (.ps.gz):=https://brunl01.users.greyc.fr/ARTICLES/dgci.ps.gz}, abstract = "Inter-pixel boundaries provide a robust and consistent description of segmented images but have a poor visual aspect, especially when being enlarged. Approximation curve are sometimes used to smooth discrete boundaries but they do not provide error free reconstruction and may be uneasy to use in this context. In this paper we show the advantages of using Euclidean paths in order to smooth inter-pixel boundaries and we demonstrate the interest of inter-pixel Euclidean paths for the purpose of image segmentation and analysis."