AUTHOR = {Marchadier, Jocelyn and {B}run, Luc and {{K}ropatsch}, Walter G.}, TITLE = {Rooted kernels and Labeled Combinatorial Pyramids}, BOOKTITLE = {Computer Vision - CVWW'04, Proceedings of the Computer Vision Winter Workshop}, EDITOR = {{Leonardis}, Ale{v s} and {Solina}, Franc (eds.)}, PUBLISHER = {IEEE Slovenia Section}, ADDRESS = {Ljubljana}, YEAR = {2004}, theme = {hierarchical}, abstract = "An irregular pyramid consists of a stack of successively reduced graphs. Each smaller graph is deduced from the preceding one using contraction or removal kernels. A contraction (resp. removal) kernel defines a forest of the initial (resp. dual ) graph, each tree of this forest being reduced to a single vertex (resp. dual vertex) in the reduced graph. A combinatorial map encodes a planar graph thanks to two permutations encoding the edges and their orientation around the vertices. We present in this article a new definition of contraction and removal kernels which allows to encode the different values attached to a given vertex, dual vertex or edge along the pyramid.", url = {article:=https://brunl01.users.greyc.fr/ARTICLES/cvww2004.pdf},