author = {Amal Mahboubi and Luc Brun and Donatello Conte and Pasquale Foggia and Mario Vento}, title = {Tracking System with Re-identification Using a Graph Kernels Approach}, booktitle = {Computer Analysis Images and Patterns 2013}, year = 2013, month = {August}, address = {York}, editor = {R. Wilson and E. Hancock and A. Bors and W. Smith}, pages= {401-408}, volume = {lncs 8047}, theme= "pattern", abstract= "This paper addresses people re-identification problem for visual surveillance applications. Our approach is based on a rich description of each occurrence of a person thanks to a graph encoding of its salient points. The appearance of persons in a video is encoded by bags of graphs whose similarities are encoded by a graph kernel. Such similarities combined with a tracking system allow us to distinguish a new person from a re-entering one into the video. The efficiency of our method is demonstrated through experiments.", url = {Pdf := https://brunl01.users.greyc.fr/ARTICLES/caip_amal_2013.pdf}